Don't allow the sun to blaze your gentle skin

Here's a small trivia item – did you know that the largest organ in the human body is actually the skin? Did you know that it's one of the most gentle organs as well?

The damage that can be caused by the sun, the largest object in the solar system, is hard to believe. The sun is a furnace that burn eternally (or at least eternally for us, because once it ceases to, planet earth shall freeze and humanity shall be vanished).

In spite of the fact we have just established, that the sun is absolutely vital for the existence of all living creatures, it can also cause severe conditions such as skin cancer. It is not bound to cause cancer to all humans that expose themselves to it, but those who go "all out" and never monitor their exposure time.

The damage, which is known to be named as "photo damage", usually results in ageing of the skin, wrinkles, brown spots and other ill-recommended conditions. It is mainly caused by the dangerous UV (ultra-violet light) rays.

The UV is an electromagnetic radiation with shorter length (of the wav) than normal light. It consists of frequencies that seem to the human eye as the violent color, but they are actually colors that cannot be identified by the human eye (birds and insect can, however, see these rays for what they are). These are the type of light used in florescent lamps.